Menu Secrets:)

We have a few menu secrets we would like to share. We have been asked on occasion if we have “Tuna sandwiches”, the answer to that is yes we do:)

We have been asked if we have “Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich”, well we don’t call it “Philly Cheese Steak”…we call it “Philly Cheese Sandwich” and we do:)

We have also been asked if we have “Turkey Club”, and yes we do:)

These Sandwiches are absolutely delicious and are available upon request because they are from our secret menu and not on our menu we have in the shop or on our online menu… yet. (Wink Wink:)

When ordering these Sandwiches in the shop… Please lean in close to the person taking your order (which will most likely be me, Greg), place both hands up and whisper which one you would like so that no one else can hear or read your lips…LOL, and we will promptly comply with your request:))

If you are ordering these sandwiches by Phone… make sure there is no one within ear shot of your conversation with the person taking your order as to maintain secrecy:))…LOL

Remember, if the secret gets out, then we run out, and that wouldn’t be any fun. LOL… all in fun:))

Thank you to all our Patrons:))


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